Our Story


In Lithuania at the moment live about 30 thousand people with hearing impairment and globally hearing loss to some degree affects about 1.1 billion people. Nevertheless, in most of the cases, these people are almost invisible among the hearing society.  It is usual to focus on disability, rather than a person’s talents and skills. Due to this reason, people with hearing loss or impairment are lacking possibilities for self-expression and even employment.

Made in Silence seeks to bridge the gap between deaf and hearing societies by creating unique design clothing with sign language symbols.  In this way we introduce a new way of communication for the hearing society, also we encourage deaf people to feel more comfortable when engaging with hearing peers. Moreover, we seek to unveil and employ visual and artistic talents of hearing impaired people in designing and producing our products. We are interested not just in promoting deaf culture but also in tackling the challenges of deaf community in Lithuania. Therefore 20% of our profit is assigned for Lithuanian Deaf Community funds.

Our mission: to raise awareness about sign language  and reduce social exclusion of deaf people

Our vision: to become an international fashion brand representing the identity of deaf culture

 Meet Our Team


I am Dovile Pavalkyte, fashion designer and founder of Made in Silence community. With a great passion three years ago I started gathering this people with alike mindset. The first time I encountered with hearing impaired people I immediately realised that this silent group has a lot of potential, however they are often overlooked in a broader society context. Sign language uniqueness and plasticity intrigued me. I believe that deaf people have a particular perspective on this world, which can be well expressed in arts, that is how the idea of uniting fashion design and sign language graphics was born!


KSIM – graphic designer

Hello my name is Karolis Simaitis, since my birth I am deaf, as well as is my family. I like to create, draw sketches, logos etc. Already for several years I work as a graphic designer. I have joined Made in Silence team, because I am glad to see that there is such initiative that represents the deaf culture in Lithuania. I have joined the team as a graphic designer, because I am proud of deaf culture and our sign language and I want to share it with the world.


My name is Simona, I joined Made in Silence because I feel that it is my calling to look into social problems and search for their solutions. When I started to interact with deaf people, I noticed how original their culture is. Namely peace and smiles marked my sign language classes, therefore I would like to encourage others to get in touch with this in some way a little miraculous world.


My name is Vaida, I am from Kaunas. Since my childhood I have impaired hearing abilities. Nevertheless, only when I was already a teenager I have met other people with hearing loss, who spoke sign language. It was challenging to learn this new language, but after all I appreciate so much the uniqueness of it. I joined Made in Silence to help hearing people to communicate and understand deaf people. Also I want to improve my graphic design skills.


I am Neringa, a graduate from environmental sciences and a social business expert. Inspiring mission and sustainability approach encouraged me to join Made in Silence team. I am interested in responsible consumption, which can be a significant driver in creating sustainable economy and solving social issues. I am inspired by deaf culture that enables people to express themselves without any audible words, but with sincere body language.